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Paul Thomas, the esteemed head designer at Cell Design Group, boasts an impressive career spanning since 1994. Throughout his journey, he has forged strong alliances with manufacturers and suppliers, both locally and internationally. Paul's remarkable expertise has played a pivotal role in assisting multiple brands in amplifying their market share through his innovative design solutions that prioritize durability, style, and functionality.

Moreover, his exceptional talent and dedication to his craft have garnered recognition from the industry, resulting in the receipt of multiple prestigious awards. These accolades serve as a testament to Paul's unwavering commitment to excellence and his ability to consistently deliver designs that push boundaries and captivate audiences.

With a passion for creating impactful designs that stand the test of time, Paul Thomas continues to be a driving force in the realm of product design. His visionary approach and knack for combining aesthetics with practicality have earned him a well-deserved reputation as a distinguished designer within the industry.

“I was first introduced to Paul Thomas early 2000, while working with Target on product development for back-to-school and travel.  Paul was very instrumental in providing the Target design and development personnel with a global perspective in trend, which enabled the manufacturer to move forward with securing significant production profitably.  This led to regular visits by Target PD&D and merchants to the showroom and production facilities in China, during which Paul would lead the design team through the next generation of product design…  Paul was also invited on several occasions to make trend presentations to Target executive management and continues to provide inspiration to the Target PD&D team.  I consider Paul Thomas to be an expert in the product design and development and cut & sew categories, and would highly recommend his services.”

Darryl Landstrom, President/Owner, D. Landstrom

“Paul Thomas quickly became a well-known and respected designer within the large cut-and-sew industry, putting his mark on a broad range of product categories.  Before we brought him on board to design our line of Timber Hawk hunting backpacks, it was clear that Paul’s experience designing golf bags, motocross duffels, snowboarding packs, and other outdoor accessories would come in handy, not to mention his long list of overseas manufacturing contacts.  We were right - Paul did not let us down.  His unique approach to clean and functional design definitely raised the bar for hunting backpacks, and his attention to detail is a philosophy we strive to maintain.  For Timber Hawk, Paul turned out to be not just a free-lance designer who lent his services and then disappeared, but a voice of inspiration that truly helped shape our business model, our design vision, and the way in which we bring new products to market.” 

Mike O’Reilly, Founder, Timber Hawk Packs

"I was introduced to Paul Thomas through a good friend, Shane Levi Gould, owner of Fuel Clothing. Paul came highly recommended and I was eager to lean on his expertise in helping me redesign my Tactical Baby Gear product line. Paul did not disappoint. The entire process from concept to final tech packs was streamlined and efficient. Paul took the time to listen to my goals and understand my brand’s DNA, designing an entirely new bag system that has helped propel TBG's growth year over year. The professionalism, timeliness and execution was superb, which is why we continue to use Paul with all our projects. I consider Paul an authority in product design and highly recommend his services."

Beav Brodie - Founder / Co-owner Tactical Baby Gear

Paul Thomas

Occupation: Design Director, Developer, Sales, Entrepreneur


Interests: Yoga, Back Packing, White Water Kayaking, Wake Boarding, Surfing, MT Biking, Snowboarding, Hockey, Moto, Travel-Adventure, Fly Fishing


Experience: 20+ Years

8+ Awards and Counting

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